Re-Birth of The Community Culture

Re-Birth of the Community Culture

 Restoring, Revitalizing, and Reinvesting in Our Communities

Welcome to our STEAM Education eGift card crowdfunding campaign! We are excited to invite you to be a part of the "Re-Birth of the Community Culture" project-based learning experience. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our neighborhoods, restore our community's spirit, revitalize local spaces, and reinvest in the economic development of our communities.




About The Experience

"Re-Birth of the Community Culture" is a year-long project that aims to bring residents, businesses, and local organizations together. Through various activities, workshops, and performances, we will:

  • Restore: Engage in community cleanup and beautification projects to revitalize public spaces.
  • Revitalize: Offer skill-building workshops, empowering individuals to contribute to the community's growth.
  • Reinvest: Promote local businesses and entrepreneurs, encouraging economic development and local re-investment back into the community

      How Your Support Makes A Difference

      By sponsoring our STEAM Education eGift cards, you are directly supporting the growth of local students that live in the community by helping them restore, revitalize, and reinvest in their own community's future. Your donation will help cover essential costs of students learning how to execute the following aspects of the even such as:

      • Venue Rental: Securing a central location for the events to take place and ensure accessibility for all.
      • Supplies and Materials: Tools, equipment, and materials needed for community cleanup and workshops.
      • Performances and Entertainment: Showcasing the products, services, innovative ideas and impact solutions of local talent through cultural performances, demonstrations and pitch presentations.
      • Promotion and Outreach: Marketing, advertising and distribution information to a wider audience.

        Sponsorship and Recognition

        We offer various sponsorship levels through six leadership tiers:

        Determination | Leadership Sponsor


        Leadership Sponsor
        Tier 4 | 72 Students


        Brings focus, drive and conviction to our actions - thriving on the journey and being motivated to achieve excellence.

        Learning | Contributing Sponsor


        Contributing Sponsor
        Tier 5 | 144 Students


        Believes that listening, having humility and being open to new ways of thinking is the best way to challenge ourselves to grow and change as an organization.

        Teamwork | Partner's Circle


        Partner's Circle
        Tier 6 | 360 Students


        Are committed to each other, the mission of NEXT Steps organization, and to the accountability and integrity it takes to be a successful global team.