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Law & Public Safety eGift Card Sponsorship

Law & Public Safety eGift Card Sponsorship

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Become a Community Shareholder by sponsoring the Law & Public Safety eGift card!

Invest in meaningful project-based learning experiences that provide learners with opportunities to explore careers in planning, managing, and providing legal, public safety, protective services and homeland security during their Junior Executive Management Team competition.

The Law & Public Safety eGift card specifically encourages participants to identify industry-related resources that are located within their communities and understand the role they play in sustaining the local economy. It also encourages them to learn about the skills each business needs to operate successfully as well as the career-building opportunities each has to offer.


Add a STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce membership to your Law & Public Safety eGift card sponsorship and become an official, industry-based resource for your local Community On Demand™ creative economy.


Easy 5-Step Instructions:

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  2. Check the box "I want to send this as a gift"
  3. Enter the email, name and an encouraging message of the participant that will receive the eGift card
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