The HBCU Imact Challenge

The HBCU Imact Challenge


The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is thrilled to invite current HBCU students and Alumni to participate in a unique and impactful crowdfunding opportunity – the HBCU Impact Challenge. This 8-12 week initiative is a direct response to President Joe Biden's Executive Order 14008, which aims to address environmental justice and equity by directing 40% of the benefits from certain Federal investments to disadvantaged communities (DACs) through the Justice40 Initiative.



Purchase STEAM Education eGift Card Sponsorship Packages to provide 30 Deluxe Community On Demand game sets for groups coordinating Community On Demand™ reinvestment eventsin HBCU communities during their sports and homecoming seasons. 

Date: August 17 - December 21
Time: Launch August 17 @ 11am
Location: Online
Sponsored by: HBCU Gameday, Full Circle Group & Kozy Cushions
Website:HBCU Gameday Store (Link)

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Event Highlights:

The HBCU Impact Challenge is aligned with the priorities outlined by the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council (WHEJAC) and the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity. This challenge focuses on eight policy priorities that guide the Department of Energy's (DOE) implementation of Justice40, including reducing energy burden, promoting environmental justice, expanding clean energy technology access, and enhancing job training and opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged communities (DACs).

During Community On Demand™ reinvestment events, students and alumni that support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority-Serving Institutions (MSIs) are encouraged to digitally document:

  • what they learn about the community's economic benefits and the transformative potential of its soil and groundwater remediation,
  • how they identify and address environmental challenges, 
  • how they are creating pathways to clean energy solutions rooted in agribusiness, agritech and agritourism, and
  • the skills and knowledge gained that can be used to pursue STEAM careers that emphasize the importance of reinvesting in the land, soil, water and overall health and wellness of HBCU and MSI local community ecosystems.


Sponsorship Benefits:

Community Reinvestment

HBCU Alumni are asked to sponsor STEM Education eGift Cards sponsorship packages which are used to purchase Deluxe Community On Demand game sets for groups coordinating community reinvestment events.  Funds collected from STEAM Education eGift card sponsorships will be used to secure the supplies and materials needed to carry out each reinvestment event.  Since The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program is a nonprofit partner of several stores and outlets, we are able to secure materials for each group in bulk at a greater discount. 


Presence & Impact

Sponsors of our STEAM Education eGift Cards will receive a wide range of benefits for your organization, including:

  1. Enhanced Visibility: Be prominently featured in event materials, including promotional materials, event signage, and digital platforms.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with leading experts, educators, and students in the field of environmental remediation and clean energy solutions.
  3. Social Impact: Demonstrate a commitment to environmental justice, diversity, and equitable access to clean water, land and energy.
  4. Talent Acquisition: Gain access to a pool of talented and motivated students from diverse backgrounds who are eager to contribute to cleaning the environment and strengthening the agribusiness, agritech and agritourism movement in their local community.
  5. Thought Leadership: Showcase your organization's expertise and dedication to sustainability and environmental justice.

By becoming a sponsor of this groundbreaking initiative, STEAM Education eGift card sponsors will play a pivotal role in advancing environmental justice and supporting the next generation of industry professionals and community leaders.


Become A Sponsor Today!

Use the links below to select the STEAM Education eGift card sponsorship package you wish to purchase.  For more information on the groups and activities your sponsorships will support, be sure to join the conversation with the Community On Demand Meetup Groups.


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