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Themed Giving Packages & Community Shares

Have Fun With Your Philanthropy!

Don't just give to support our cause.
Gamify your gifts by turning them into community shares!
When you use your dollars to purchase a themed STEAM Education eGift card sponsorship package, it symbolizes your direct contribution and shared ownership in sponsoring and sustaining the STEAM education initiatives created for the Community On Demand™ card game and creative economy.

Here's how it works:

  • Reward 30%

    of all eGift card sponsorships are allocated to a Student Stipend Fund to provide scholarships, grants, cash stipends and donations to students that learn to earn.

  • Fund 40%

    of all eGift card sponsorships go to our Impact Project Fund to teach students how to create and manage operating budgets for their service-learning projects

  • Invest 30%

    of all eGift card sponsorships go to our Community On Demand Network Fund to market and support the startups, special events and impact solutions created by our students.

For example . . .

  • The Scenario:

    The conversion of cash dollars into community shares involves allocating the funds from the purchase of STEAM education eGift cards to various components of the Community On Demand™ creative economy.

    Let's assume a hypothetical scenario with a $100 purchase of eGift cards, and the allocation breakdown is as follows:

  • $100 eGift Card Sponsorship Allocations:

    30% Student Stipend: $30

    40% Impact Project Fund: $40

    30% Network Service Fund: $30

    Community Share

    Student Stipend: 30% of $100

    Impact Project Fund: 40% of $100

    Network Service Fund: 30% of $100

  • The Impact:

    Therefore, the $100 cash dollars spent on eGift cards translate into $100 in community shares distributed across the specified funds within the Community On Demand™ creative economy. This allocation model ensures that the investment directly contributes to student support, project development, and sustaining the network services that drive the community's innovation ecosystem.

Gamify Your Investment!

Your themed STEAM Education eGift Card sponsorship package sponsors an eGift card bundle from The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook.

Set it for one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual gifting cycles.

Create a Custom STEAM Education eGift Card Collection for Your Business

Let us help you gamify your job descriptions, staff development, continuing education, recruitment, marketing, training and orientations into skill-building, project-based learning experiences!

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