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    The STEAM Investigative Process

    The SIP is a roadmap of the critical thinking, decision-making and creative problem-solving skills you use to effectively communicate your strategy for solving problems.

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    The Community On Demand Card Game

    Community On Demand is a powerful tool that uses the fun of a card game to help you "see" how you make decisions, take action and solve problems.

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    The Money Guide For Young Entrepreneurs

    The Money Guide activity workbooks and online courses provide step-by-step instructions on how to successfully implement the impact solutions you created through your STEAM Investigative Process.

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How To Play The Game

Seven Ways To Play

  • Join.

    STEP 1.

    Register to become a member of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce.

  • Form.

    STEP 2.

    Develop a "strategist mindset" by completing the SIP critical thinking course.

  • Train.

    STEP 3.

    Learn all seven ways to play the Community On demand card game to prepare for competition.

  • Sustain.

    STEP 4.

    Create a service-learning project to present your products, services, innovative ideas and impact solutions.

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Why Choose Community On Demand?

  • The Problem

    Many individuals, businesses and community leaders struggle to find common ground because communication barriers prevent them from understanding each other -- making it difficult for them to work together and address the socio-economic conditions that are negatively impacting their community.

  • Our Solution

    Our game-based learning management system and innovative learning tools strengthen critical thinking, decision-making and creative problem solving skills so individuals, businesses and community stakeholders can effectively communicate, collaborate and work towards a shared goal.

Meet The Inventor

Dana Jewel Harris, the visionary inventor and game developer behind The Community On Demand™ game-based learning management system, draws inspiration from a deeply personal journey.

Her innovative creation is rooted in her role as a mother navigating the complexities of her daughter's behavioral health challenges.

Harnessing the transformative power of experiential learning, Dana, an urban farmer herself, utilized her farm as a dynamic space to cultivate not only fresh produce but also a unique approach to addressing her daughter's needs. The Community On Demand™ platform emerged as a solution to engage and educate, leveraging game-based learning to instill essential life skills.

Meet Our Team

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Featured VIP JEM Team Entrepreneur

To help sustain the Community On Demand™ creative economy, M.O.O.N. created these original designs for the 2024 MLK Day of Service event @ The Smith Family Ranch.

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Featured VIP JEM Team Entrepreneur

To help sustain the Community On Demand™ creative economy, Bleu Alcove created this cute line of merch for the 2024 MLK Day of Service event @ The Smith Family Ranch.

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