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Game Components

Enrich your career mapping process by taking an interactive, personalized, and comprehensive approach to visualizing and planning your career. Use Community On Demand™ to take control of your career aspirations, make informed decisions, and develop the skills needed to achieve your goals.


"The Community On Demand experience is not only informative but also motivational as it inspires individuals to pursue their dream careers with confidence and purpose."
Dana Jewel Harris
Executive Director, NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program
Investor & Game Developer, Community On Demand

  • Card Deck

    This 75-piece card deck is a versatile tool that facilitates interactive and engaging leadership and skills development activities

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  • Skills Self-Assessment Worksheets

    Skills self-assessment worksheets are comprehensive tools that help you map your decision-making process, business strategies, and skills development journey.

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  • Skills Self-Assessment Game Board

    The skills self-assessment game board is an interactive and dynamic tool that helps you visualize your decision-making process, business strategies and skills development journey.

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  • Basic Game Set

    This cost effective bundle is ideal for newcomers as it includes everything you need to begin an engaging Community On Demand learning experience.

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  • Deluxe Game Set

    This bundle is ideal for innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs that want the ultimate Community On Demand gaming experience.

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  • Game Box

    The Community On Demand™ game box keeps your components organized and ready for countless hours of fun and learning.

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  • Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook

    The Money Guide is the "official" textbook for the Community On Demand card game! It provides eight critical lessons that take you through the new business development process. When done, you can use your Money Guide as a business plan!

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