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We offer seven distinct ways to help you create and engage in immersive project-based learning experiences that strengthen health, home, purpose and community as you play to win Community On Demand™.

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Want to gain insight into your future? Register for a Community On Demand™ Play Date! Our leadership development workshops teach you how to use the Community On Demand card game to conduct a skills self-assessment so you can define your career goals and forge the path to your dream job.

Skills self-assessments are career mapping plans that uncover your passions, interests, and the array of professions that align with your unique abilities.

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The ATWOOD Model

Discover a community of forward-thinkers and join the Agricultural Technology With Open Outdoor Designs (ATWOOD) Model Land Trust & Marketing Cooperative. Our student-managed agriculture marketing cooperative is pioneering a more resilient future by creating local, sustainable agribusiness, agritech and agritourism industries that address food insecurities and environmental injustices in low-income communities where they live, work, learn, play, travel and worship.

The ATWOOD Model will teach you how to use your skills to redefine the way you grow, share, and market the food, knowledge and resources food insecure communities need to create jobs, build businesses, and improve their overall health and wellness.

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The STEAM Investigative Process Certification Course

The STEAM Investigative Process (SIP) approach to critical thinking is our signature decision making roadmap that is used to play and win the Community On Demand™ card game. We've created the SIP certification course to teach you how to create your own unique SIP as you map out strategies, create solutions, and take action to solve problems.

The SIP Certification validates your ability to clearly articulate your decision-making process and demonstrate the skills you used to create products, services, innovative ideas and impact solutions that benefit your community. It also verifies your contribution towards sustaining the Community On Demand™ creative economy and proves your level of readiness for college, career, business, and community reinvestment.

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Community On Demand™ AgVenture Games

Explore and sustain your local economy by playing Community On Demand™ AgVenture Games!

Community On Demand™ AgVenture Games uses the Community On Demand™ card game with The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook to strengthen your skills in project managements, new business development, community-based economics, event & entertainment management.

Through educational workshops, nature trail adventures, interactive art installations and more . . . the Community On Demand™ AgVenture Games offers a variety of project-based learning activities centered around sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.

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Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams

Take the leadership reins and make a difference? Join or form a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team and embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth!

JEM Teams are formed to create a supportive environment where innovators can collaborate and drive real change in your academic and career-related pursuits. As a member of a JEM Team, you'll gain hands-on experience in decision-making, problem-solving, and teamwork, all while developing vital leadership skills that are applied (in real time) to solve real world problems.

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Community Connections Volunteer Program

We invite individuals with a passion for positive change to join our community engagement teams. Whether you're a student looking to fulfill service hours, a professional seeking to give back, or someone eager to connect with like-minded individuals. There's a place for everyone to contribute!

Community Connections offers a range of volunteer opportunities that include educational initiatives, environmental stewardship projects, urban farm development, resource mapping, social outreach, local event coordination . . . and so much more.

Join us in building stronger communities by working with us to create life-long connections and lasting change.

Together, let's make a difference!

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STEAM Education eGift Cards

STEAM Education eGift Cards serve as the in-game currency for the Community On Demand™ card game and creative economy. STEAM Education eGift cards generate sponsorship dollars (aka community shares) which fuel our virtual creative economy and fund the educational initiatives and service-learning projects that our JEM Team create.

Fund. STEAM Education eGift card sponsorships provide JEM Teams with direct access to the financial resources they need to successfully build, implement and complete their products, services, innovative ideas and impact solutions.

Reward. A percentage of each STEAM Education eGift Card sponsorship is used to reward individual student achievement through stipends, scholarships, project-based donations and cash rewards they have earned.

Invest. As fundraising, recruiting, marketing and crowdfunding tools, STEAM Education eGift card sponsorships allow community stakeholders to use their community shares to invest in STEAM Education initiatives that benefit the social/emotional health and wellness of young leaders, but increases the abundance of high demand skills within the local marketplace, and positively impact the socio-economic state of the local community.

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