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The NEXT Steps Online Training Academy

Join the Community On Demand™ online learning community by enrolling in the NEXT Steps Online Training Academy. Our courses, lessons, quizzes, surveys and group forums give you a deeper, digital dive into learning how to play and win the Community On Demand™ card game.

  • Activity Guides

    Use our activity guides for step-by-steps instructions on how to navigate through each challenge, competition and project-based learning activity of The Community On Demand card game.

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  • Activity Worksheets

    Use our activity worksheets as practice guides to track and measure your achievement and growth during each challenge, competition and project-based learning experience of The Community On Demand card game.

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  • Lesson Plans & Game Strategies

    Use our lesson plans to integrate Community On Demand™ into your new and existing curricula, leadership courses, career readiness programs, and project-based learning activities.

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  • Online Courses

    Each online course includes lessons, quizzes, links to competitions, project-based learning activities, downloadable activity worksheets and a challenge guide from The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook.

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  • Workshops

    Join us for an immersive blend of in-person and virtual hands-on workshops, where you'll unlock the power of your skillset and shape your journey towards lifelong learning and personal growth.

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  • SIP Certifications

    Earn your STEAM Investigative Process Certification to become an official Community On Demand™ Scholar, Instructor or Source Center!

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