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We provide comprehensive strategic planning services that encompass research and development, organizational development, and data analysis. Our expertise lies in utilizing data-driven approaches to help organizations make informed decisions and achieve their goals.
Our services begin @ $75-$150/hr.

Business Service Breakdown



Vision Workshops

Gathering of key stakeholders to create the shared 3-5 year vision


Concept Planning

Confirmation of the issues that are critical to the overall development goals


Preliminary Master Planning

Outlining staged development guidelines and phased development budgets.


Business & Strategic Planning

Provides results of market demand and recommendations to optimize sustained growth


Comprehensive Master Plan

Integrates program development, operations, business and other activities into a strategic roadmap for institution-wide growth


Update Plans

Checks progress, validates and updates existing plans to keep ahead of chaning economic, market, social and environmental trends

Our Deliverables

Strengthening Home, Health, Purpose & Community

We use our signature Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model to create innovative learning environments, recognize diverse mindsets and utilize local resources to yield high-quality, effective, and optimized outcomes. Only by interconnecting key stakeholders are we able to help educators, nonprofits, businesses and community leaders develop flexible, blended-learning employment solutions that benefit the entire community.

  • Organizational Development

    Our leadership and skills development workshops ensure your leadership team is on a path towards sustainable growth and success.

  • Growth Strategies

    Our custom community involvement growth strategies create stronger connections with the community and expand your network of supporters.

  • Data Analysis

    Our valuable insight informs decision-makers, optimizes operations, identifies opportunities, and tailor your services to meet the precise needs of your constituents or customers.

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