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The ATWOOD Model Marketing Cooperative

The ATWOOD Model Marketing Cooperative

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Agricultural Technologies With Open Outdoor Designs

Welcome To Our Network

The ATWOOD Model is a monthly subscription program that offers executive administration and business support services to owners, developers, managers, leasers, executors and stewards of land. Our goal is to help you develop a master plan for your land, maximize underutilized greenspaces, and identify opportunities to market and monetize sustainable practices that generate revenue within the urban agribusiness, agritech and agritourism industries.

Socially conscious business-to-business membership organization. To develop and strengthen outreach, workforce development and service-learning projects as an incubation center (anchor organization) for a new creative economy within their community.

Strategic management solution. To define their retirement, estate, transition, business and land-use plans to protect and build inter-generational wealth, community resources and family legacies.

Seamless innovation and capacity-building tools. To strengthen leadership skills in financial literacy, digital technologies, entertainment, entrepreneurship, STEAM education and economics through the creation of programs for agriculture conservation, agritourism, local food movements, and e-commerce within an interconnected learning ecosystem.

  • $25/month

    (1) Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Training online course per month

    10 hours admin support per month through VIP JEM Team Meetings

  • $250/month

    18 hours admin support per month;

    (1) Custom written reports & business document with detailed instructions;

    FREE or discounted prices for events, products & services;

    (1) FREE TRENDS DataReport

  • $330/month

    Basic Package


    7 hours Marketing support

  • $550/month

    Affiliate Package


    1 FREE training workshop ($150 value)

    Affiliate commissions

  • $850/month

    Premier Package


    23 additional hours admin and marketing support

  • $275/month

    Marketing & advertising of services within your local CoD Network;

    Referrals to other CoD Networks for B2B contracts and other biz opps

    FREE or discounted prices for

    events, products & services

ATWOOD Workshop Series

Contact us with any questions. We're here to help!