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"Learning" Trustee (Tier 5)

"Learning" Trustee (Tier 5)

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Theme: Learning

Trustees believe that listening, having humility and being open to new ways of thinking is the best way to challenge ourselves to grow and change as an organization.

  • Purpose

    Your donation provides funds for the Money Guide eGift card collection ($270 value) that students will use to crowdfund their project-based learning experiences when they play Community On Demand™. 

  • Donation Request

    Tier 5 Donors re asked to sponsor Money Guide eGift card collections for 73-144 students per month, quarter or year.

  • Giving Cycle

    Annual Donation (1x)
    $42,120 (one time)

    Quarterly Donation (3x)
    $9,720(every 3 months)

    Monthly Donation (12x)
    $3,240 (every 1 month)

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