3 Tips On How to Improve Your Resume

3 Tips On How to Improve Your Resume

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So, you’re sure you’ve put together the best resume, you’ve set your sights on landing the perfect job, and you’ve sent your resume out confident that you’ll be making guilt-free trips to Starbuck’s in no time, but the offers aren’t flooding in like you expected. What gives? Well, it could be your resume. Every job seeker knows that a good resume is the key to the door of employment. Resumes are our first introduction, and a way to showcase what we have to offer, but you may have overlooked some things that can take your resume from good to dynamite. In this post, we’ll cover key ways to help your resume get the results you are looking for.

How to Make Your Resume Hit the Mark


The resume objective is your opportunity to give a short description of what you want and what you can bring to the table. This is a chance to put your best foot forward. Instead of saying, “To obtain a position as an Administrative Assistant,” try saying something like, “Administrative Assistant seeking to work with a distinguished company.” The latter shows confidence and that you want to work with a company that knows its stuff. From there just add a sentence or two about what you can help them achieve. Make sure to mention things that employers want to hear like how you can further their mission or improve their bottom line. Even though a resume is all about you, employers want to know how you will benefit them.


The experience section of your resume is where you list all the duties you performed for previous employers. This is when action verbs come into play. Action verbs are words that stand out to employers and make you look accomplished. Instead of saying you managed a team, try saying you cultivated a team, and look for any opportunity to stick some numbers in there.
If you were responsible for a team of 10 people, say that. Employers love to see leadership, and numbers are right up their alley. Even mundane tasks such as cleaning or organizing shelves can be reworded to sound amazing. You didn’t just clean, did you? No, you executed cleaning procedures that ensured the safety and sanitation of the facility. See? Turn those menial things into important sounding accomplishments that make employers take notice.


If you haven’t had many jobs, your resume can look a little sparse. The accomplishments or skills section of your resume can be a great way to fill up some space while simultaneously playing up things that you are proud of. Won a trophy for your softball team? Put that in there. Employee of the month at your previous job? Way to go! These things go a long way toward painting an ideal picture of who you are and what you have to offer. They say the things you may have forgotten to say. Employers want to see that you are a well-rounded person who has accomplished things outside of work. You can talk about things that matter to you in a way that makes you marketable and likeable.

Remember These Tips

  • The objective is where you can start the conversation about who you are and what you have to offer. Be confident and show the employer what you can bring to the table.
  • The experience section is where you list your previous duties. Use action verbs to turn those duties into accomplishments.
  • The accomplishments/skills section is a chance for you to showcase the things you are proud of. Here is where you can mention certificates and trophies. Also, this can be a great space filler if your resume is a little empty


Job searching is a daunting task, and when you put your all into it and don’t see the desired results, it’s frustrating. Take some time to revisit your resume and apply some of these tips. A new objective, some rocking action verbs, and mentioning the things that you are proud of may be just the thing to put you ahead of the rest. Go ahead! What are you waiting for? Those items in your Amazon cart aren’t going to purchase themselves.

Good Luck!


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