2023 September Upcoming Events

2023 September Upcoming Events

Key Dates

3,17     Community On Demand™ Reinvestment Cleanups

The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program created several 8-12 week crowdfunding campaigns that use STEAM Education eGift card sponsorships to provide support and resources to local groups in disadvantaged communities (DACs) that are hosting Community On Demand™ reinvestment cleanup events during the annual HBCU sports and homecoming seasons.


5 & 6  JEM Team 90-Minute Bootcamp

Our online JEM Team 90-Minute leadership bootcamp provides an overview of each Community On Demand™ game component and how to use them. It also gives detailed instructions on how to conduct a skills self-assessment, calculate the value of a participant’s contributions to society, and successfully complete the three basic game strategies. Payment of this course waives the registration fee for participation in the Gamers & Mixers esports league.  


5 & 6 Community On Demand Train-The-Trainer: The Strategist Mindset

As part of the Community On Demand™ Train-The-Trainer (SIP Certification) Series, this session focuses primarily on The Strategist Mindset.  Learn how to turn your classroom into an innovation hub!  We take educators, mentors, instructors and workforce development professionals through an eye-opening professional development course that helps you understand your unique approach towards identifying opportunities and solving problems.  We also show you how to use these similarities and differences to effectively communicate, lead and inspire others.


7,14     STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce New Members Webinar

We take members through new member orientation where we introduce them to the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce and the benefits they receive as members of the Community On Demand creative economy. (Link coming soon)


18-24   SIP Readiness Week

We kick off the Gamers & Mixers esports competition league for young innovators and entrepreneurs with an overview of The STEAM Investigative Process and how it works.  Participants have 10 days to complete The STEAM Investigative Process Challenge and prepare for the Kahoot! STEAM Investigative Process online competition.  Up to 2,000 participants can compete to win Skillcoin Rewards from sponsorships of the STEAM Investigative Process eGift Card.



9/25-10/8   Explore Your Community Money Guide Challenge #1

Get ready for the next round of competition in the Gamers & Mixers esports competition league for young innovators & entrepreneurs.   The Explore Your Community Challenge takes players on a journey through their community to see what useful resources they can find. Participants have 14 days to complete The Explore Your Community Challenge and prepare for the Kahoot! STEAM Investigative Process online competition.  Up to 2,000 participants can compete to win Skillcoin Rewards from sponsorships of the Community Ecosystem eGift Card.

27        How To Play & Win: Explore Your Community Money Guide Challenge Webinar

The The Explore Your Community Challenge webinar gives an overview of the Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs online course for this challenge.  Participants engage in group discussions and Q&A sessions that will help them better prepare for the Kahoot! Explore Your Community online competition and apply the skills and lessons they learn in real life. (Link coming soon)


28   Kahoot! STEAM Investigative Process Online Competition   

Join us for an enlightening and impactful webinar, "Triple Your Impact! Investing Through STEAM Education eGift Cards." This event is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of youth and young adults in your community by sponsoring STEAM Education eGift Cards. Your support will play a crucial role in creating project-based learning experiences that enhance leadership, teamwork, and creative problem-solving skills. Moreover, it will equip youth and young adults with the life readiness skills needed for college, career, business, and community reinvestment.  (Link coming soon)


 Upcoming Promotions

  • Columbus Day Sale (Oct 3) -  20% Off Entire Store
  • SIP Certification & Training Dates: Teacher Workday/PD Workshop (Oct 6-11)
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