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Leadership Development Pathway

All courses listed below can be taken individually and will count towards your SIP Certification. Choose which pathway is right for you. Certificates of Completion will be awarded when a course or activity is completed.

  • Local Business Membership

    Join the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce to help the business community engage in Community On Demand™ initiatives that improve the skills and capabilities of your community’s current and future workforce.

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  • Intro To The Creative Economy

    A course that explains what The Community On Demand™ creative economy is and how it provides learning experiences that help learners develop a strategist mindset, an understanding of different critical thinking approaches, and knowledge of the value their skillset contributes to society.

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  • VIP Discovery Workshop

    We show you how to use the Community On Demand™ card game to gamify your LEAN Canvas Business Model and visualize your strategies as you develop your business plan.

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  • SIP Instructor Certification

    We offer professional development training to help business leaders and development teams create innovative learning ecosystems that acknowledge various mindsets, leverage existing local resources, and produce high quality, effective and optimized outputs.

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  • SIP Source Center Certification

    This course certifies the business leaders that use Community On Demand™ to create the framework, goals and conditions necessary to chart a path towards effective community engagement efforts directly linked to student achievement, school improvement and sustainable, purpose-built communities.

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