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Challenge 3. Build Your Team Worksheet Bundle

Challenge 3. Build Your Team Worksheet Bundle

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The Build Your Team Challenge

Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

Knowing how to assemble a group of individuals with the required leadership qualities, values, skills, and behaviors to implement your impact solution is a valuable skill to have especially since a well-rounded team is essential for translating ideas into action effectively.

Team members are there to contribute diverse perspectives, expertise, and collaborative efforts, which should lead to a more comprehensive and successful execution of your impact solution and a culture of shared commitment for collective achievement.

Use the following worksheets to make leadership decisions that inspire, create and deliver effective impact solutions for your team, business and community.

  • The Community Involvement Growth Strategy (CIGS) Model
  • Junior Executive Management Team Leadership Nomination Process
  • The Leadership Crowdfunding Tracker & Service Goal Survey
  • Total Contribution Value Score Card

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