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Challenge 4. How Money Moves Worksheet

Challenge 4. How Money Moves Worksheet

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Use the How Money Moves Activity Worksheet to understand how money and resources move through the Community On Demand creative economy.

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Challenge 4. How Money Moves Worksheet

The use of service learning programs and in-game currencies in the Community On Demand™ card game serves as an effective educational tool to teach young innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs about the movement of money within a creative economy. This hands-on, simulated experience contributes to their economic literacy, financial decision-making skills, and preparation for entrepreneurial pursuits.

Economic Literacy. For aspiring entrepreneurs, understanding how money flows through a creative economy is fundamental. The game introduces participants to entrepreneurial finance by illustrating how funding, revenue generation, and financial management contribute to the success of their real world and virtual initiatives. Participants develop economic literacy by actively participating in economic activities within the game. They learn about income, expenses, profits, and losses, gaining a foundational understanding of economic principles and financial management.

Risk & Reward. In-game currencies represent a measure of success and accomplishment. Participants learn about the relationship between risk and reward as they make strategic decisions to earn, invest, and potentially face challenges within the Community On Demand™ creative economy.

From Lesson 4. Map Your Value of “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook

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