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Challenge 1. Natural & Manmade Phenomena Worksheet

Challenge 1. Natural & Manmade Phenomena Worksheet

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Use the Natural & Manmade Phenomenon Worksheet to document if your family or community's ecosystem has ever been impacted by a natural or manmade phenomenon.

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Challenge 1. Natural & Manmade Phenomenon Worksheet

Distinguishing between natural and manmade causes allows players to tailor their interventions more effectively. Differentiating between the two helps in determining whether solutions should focus on resilience against natural disasters or address human-made policies and behaviors.

Root Cause Analysis. By encouraging players to delve into the true causes of negative socio-economic conditions, the Community On Demand card game promotes a mindset of root cause analysis. This skill is invaluable in problem-solving and allows players to address underlying issues rather than merely treating symptoms or reacting to surface-level problems.

Effective Strategic Planners. Identifying the root causes of negative conditions enables players to develop more effective and strategic plans. They can tailor their interventions to directly address the core issues and increase the likelihood of sustainable and impactful solutions. In return, they gain a better appreciation for the challenges faced by communities and individuals and become compelled to promote a more compassionate and socially conscious mindset.

This worksheet is from Challenge 1. Explore Your Community of “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook.

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