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Challenge 1. Socio-Economic Impact Worksheet

Challenge 1. Socio-Economic Impact Worksheet

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Use the Socio-Economic Impact Worksheet to determine how you would rate the negative impact local socio-economic conditions may be having on the health of your community's ecosystem.

Purchase of Community On Demand™ game materials recommended but not required.

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Challenge 1. Socio-Economic Impact Worksheet

The socio-economic condition cards in the Community On Demand card game play a vital role in adding realism, complexity, and educational value to the game. These cards represent various socio-economic factors and challenges

Identifying the true cause influences resource allocation. If negative conditions stem from natural phenomena, resource allocation may focus on infrastructure and disaster preparedness. In contrast, if manmade factors are predominant, addressing policies, education, or economic systems may be more relevant.

that individuals or communities may face.

Here's what makes these cards crucial game pieces:

  1. Real-world Context: The socio-economic condition cards introduce real-world scenarios, mirroring the challenges and opportunities present in different communities. This adds depth and authenticity to the game, making it a more immersive and educational experience.
  2. Critical Thinking: Players must strategize and make decisions based on the socio-economic conditions presented in the cards. This encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they navigate the complexities of community development and entrepreneurship.
  3. Educational Value: The cards serve as educational tools, offering insights into the impact of socio-economic factors on community dynamics. Players gain a better understanding of how external influences can affect decision-making and resource management.
  4. Diversity of Challenges: The cards represent a diverse range of challenges, including economic downturns, environmental issues, or technological advancements. This diversity ensures that players encounter a variety of scenarios, preparing them to adapt to different circumstances in the real world.
  5. Strategic Decision-Making: To succeed in the game, players must carefully consider the socio-economic conditions and adjust their strategies accordingly. This enhances their ability to make informed decisions, a crucial skill in both gaming and real-life situations.
  6. Connection to Real-world Skills: By engaging with socio-economic condition cards, players develop skills applicable to real-world scenarios, such as financial literacy, risk management, and community development. This connection to practical skills enriches the learning experience.
  7. Community Impact: As players navigate the challenges presented by the cards, they learn how their decisions impact the overall well-being of the community. This fosters a sense of responsibility and encourages players to consider the broader consequences of their actions.

This worksheet is from Challenge 1. Explore Your Community of “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook.

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