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Challenge 4. Map Your Value Worksheet

Challenge 4. Map Your Value Worksheet

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Use the Map Your Value Activity Worksheet to track and measure the value your skills contribute towards sustaining the Community On Demand creative economy.

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Challenge 4. Map Your Value Worksheet

The Community On Demand creative economy is sustained by the in-game currencies and a values system that is designed to teach young innovators, leaders, and entrepreneurs how self-discovery, strategic decision-making, and personal values alignment is required to meet the needs of society.

Personal Development. When asked to use their skills to map their potential and contribution values to society, players engage in a process of self-discovery. They learn more about their abilities, interests, and what they can contribute to a community or entrepreneurial endeavor. This reflective process contributes to personal development and helps individuals identify their own unique qualities.

Identification of Strengths: The values system guides users in identifying and acknowledging their strengths. This awareness is crucial for building confidence and leveraging individual strengths within a team or community setting.

Alignment with Community Needs: The values system prompts users to consider how their potential and contribution align with the needs of the community. This encourages an empathetic approach, where individuals aim to make meaningful contributions that address community priorities.

Career Readiness: Understanding one's potential and contribution values prepares young individuals for future careers and leadership roles. It provides a framework for making career choices that align with personal values, ensuring greater job satisfaction and success.

This worksheet is from Challenge 4. Map Your Value of “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook.

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