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Challenge 6. Promotions Planning Checklist

Challenge 6. Promotions Planning Checklist

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Use Promotions Planning Checklist to develop a promotional campaign for your Community On Demand™ service-learning project.

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Challenge 6. Promotions Planning Checklist

The use of a Promotions Planning Checklist in Community On Demand is integral to the success of the promotional campaign. It ensures that promotional efforts are well-planned, targeted, and aligned with the goals and mission of the service-learning project, ultimately maximizing community engagement and participation.

Budget Allocation: Organizers are guided to allocate resources effectively within the promotional campaign. This includes considerations for budgeting across various channels, ensuring a balanced and cost-effective approach to reach the target audience.

Community Engagement: The checklist emphasizes community engagement as a crucial aspect of the promotional campaign. This involves building relationships with community influencers, leveraging community networks, and encouraging two-way communication to foster a sense of community ownership.

Adaptability: The checklist encourages organizers to remain adaptable and responsive to changing circumstances. This adaptability allows for adjustments to the promotional strategy based on real-time feedback, emerging trends, or unexpected developments.

Brand Visibility: A well-executed promotional campaign enhances brand visibility. The checklist ensures that the Community On Demand brand is prominently featured across promotional materials, contributing to brand recognition and recall among the target audience.

This worksheet is from Challenge 6.  Share Your Success for “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook.

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