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Challenge 1. My Community Ecosystem Worksheet

Challenge 1. My Community Ecosystem Worksheet

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Use the My Community Ecosystem Worksheet to determine if the current status of each local resource and socio-economic condition has a positive or negative impact on your community.

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Challenge 1. My Community Ecosystem Worksheet

Understanding Local Dynamics: The Explore My Community Worksheet encourages users to take a deep dive into learning the unique characteristics of their community. This includes identifying local needs, preferences, and economic dynamics, fostering a deep understanding of the environment in which they operate.

Understanding market dynamics helps in allocating resources effectively. Users learn to prioritize initiatives based on market demand, ensuring that resources are directed towards areas with the greatest potential impact.

Economic Literacy. Engaging with the Explore My Community Worksheet enhances users' economic literacy. They learn to interpret market trends, understand supply and demand dynamics, and grasp the economic factors that influence community development.

By combining market analysis with community exploration, the game promotes a holistic approach to development. Players consider economic, social, and environmental factors, thereby gaining a well-rounded understanding of community dynamics.

This worksheet is from Challenge 1. Explore Your Community of “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook.

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