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Challenge 3. JEM Team Nominations Activity Worksheets

Challenge 3. JEM Team Nominations Activity Worksheets

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Use the Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team Nomination Activity Worksheets to organize your project management team.

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Challenge 3. JEM Team Nominations Activity Worksheet

The JEM Team Nominations Activity Worksheet for the Community On Demand™ card game is a valuable tool for teaching users how to create Junior Executive Management (JEM) Teams. This process contributes to leadership development, effective team building, and a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities that lead to successful community or business initiatives.

Skill Recognition: The worksheet prompts users to identify and nominate individuals based on their skills, strengths, and expertise. This process encourages the recognition of individual talents and ensures that each team member brings unique qualities to the leadership team.

Community Inclusivity: The process of nominating individuals for JEM Teams emphasizes inclusivity within the community. Users learn to consider diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences when forming leadership teams to ensure representation and fairness.

Effective Communication: The worksheet encourages effective communication as users discuss and negotiate nominations. This skill is crucial for building consensus within a team, fostering open dialogue, and enhancing overall team cohesion.

Real-world Application: The JEM Team Nominations Worksheet mirrors real-world scenarios where leadership positions are filled based on skills and qualifications. Users gain insights into the practical aspects of leadership selection processes in various organizational contexts.

This worksheet is from Challenge 3. Build Your Team of “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook.

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