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Challenge 4. Map Your Value Activity Guide

Challenge 4. Map Your Value Activity Guide

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Are you ready to take control of your financial journey and enhance your life skills? The Money Guide Activity Workbook is here to help you master the art of budgeting and financial management.

In Challenge 4, you'll dive into a series of exciting tasks designed to strengthen your financial literacy and provide you with practical, real-world experience.

The Budget


Once you have developed your team, you must determine how much it will cost to track, measure and evaluate the effectiveness of your impact solution

The Skill

The Community On Demand™ Budget skill card is used when you need to develop a budget for an itemized list of tasks, activities and resources your JEM Team needs to get successfully fulfill your mission and complete your STEAM Investigative Process™.

The Task

Use your Community On Demand™ Budgeting skills with each member of your JEM Team’s Mission Statement skill card collection 1) establish the foundation of your JEM Team’s operating budget and 2) determine which skills will be used to develop your JEM team’s Community Involvement Growth Strategy.

Service Goals

As you begin your STEAM Investigative Process™ for this challenge, demonstrate mastery of your Community On Demand™ Budget career readiness skills by:

✔Creating and/or assessing a spending plan for your enhanced work-based learning experience and make changes as needed

✔Describing the consequences of overspending

✔Describing when, why, and to whom you asked for help from when creating and managing your budget

✔Identifying two types of financial difficulties you experienced (e.g. cash shortfall, securing sponsorship, allocating spending, purchasing resources)

✔Identifying the short and long-term consequences associated with your financial difficulties

✔Identifying and communicating with the local resources within your community that assist people with financial problems

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