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Challenge 2. My Winning Mission Statement Worksheet

Challenge 2. My Winning Mission Statement Worksheet

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Use the My Winning Mission Statement Worksheet to create a personal or professional winning mission statement (aka “elevator pitch”) for your innovative ideas, service-learning projects and social ventures.

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Challenge 2. My Winning Mission Statement Worksheet

There are three key reasons why Community On Demand uses the My Winning Mission Statement Worksheet to teach learners how to craft winning mission statements.

Clarity of Purpose: Crafting a mission statement helps users articulate the purpose and goals of their community project or business. This clarity is essential for guiding decision-making and maintaining a clear focus on objectives.

Strategic Direction: A well-defined mission statement provides a strategic direction for the initiative. Users learn to align their actions with the overall mission, ensuring that every decision contributes to the larger vision for positive community impact.

Inspiration and Motivation: The process of creating a mission statement can be inspirational and motivational. It encourages users to reflect on their values and aspirations, fostering a sense of commitment and passion for the mission they are undertaking.

This worksheet is from Challenge 2. Define Your Solution of “The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs” Activity Workbook

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