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The STEAM Investigative Process Challenge

The STEAM Investigative Process Challenge

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The STEAM Investigative Process


Once you have identified a problem, you must now decide the best way to address, reduce and/or eliminate it.


The Skill

The Community On Demand™ STEAM Investigative Process™ skill card is used when you need to design an impact solution by researching, designing, planning, coordinating and evaluating the anticipated results.

The Task

Use the five steps of the Community On Demand™ STEAM Investigative Process™ develop a meaningful solution that can address, reduce and/or eliminate a problem that is positively or negatively impacting your community.

Service Goals

As you begin your STEAM Investigative Process™ for this challenge, demonstrate mastery of your Community On Demand™ STEAM Investigative Process™ decision-making skills by:

  • Explore your community to identify resources that can be used to address socio-economic conditions that positively or negatively impact your community’s ecosystem.
  • Use your skills and resources to create an impact solution for each socio- economic condition, then determine what skills and resources are still needed to completely solve the problem.
  • Create a series of itemized tasks and action items that, when implemented, will lead to the systematic reduction or elimination of the negative impact felt by each socio-economic condition.
  • Assign the series of tasks, action items to dates and times to implement your plan of action and demonstrate the effectiveness of your impact solution.
  • Create digital content, financial reports, and other documentation to present your skill mastery, level of real-world readiness, and results of your impact solution.
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