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Workshops & Special Events Director eGift Card

Workshops & Special Events Director eGift Card

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Invest in this egift card to provide learners with opportunities to serve as a brand manager of all communications and builds external relationships with constituencies, funders and the media.

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    Triple Your Impact with a
    $50 STEAM Education eGift Card Sponsorship

    Proceeds benefit The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program

    At the pinnacle of impact, a $50 eGift card sponsorship is a beacon of support. Your contribution doesn't just enrich education, fund projects, and fuel the creative economy, it transforms lives and shapes the trajectory of young minds toward a future filled with endless possibilities.

    How Your Sponsorship Works

    • Reward Learners

      (That's $15.00!)

      of your sponsorship goes directly to the Student Stipend Fund to
      provide deserving learners with financial support

    • Fund Projects

      (That's $20.00!)

      of your sponsorship fuels the Impact Project fund, ensuring students have the materials and resources they need to turn their creative ideas into reality.

    • Invest To Sustain

      (That's $15.00!)

      of your sponsorship goes to our CoD Network Fund to sustain the growth of our creative economy and empower students to transform their impact solutions into small business ventures.

    But Wait . . . There's More!

    For every $50 eGift card sponsored, you earn 1.65 community shares.

    These shares not only reflect your commitment to education but also unlock marketing opportunities within our dynamic Community On Demand™ creative economy.

    • Market Your Business

      Leverage community shares to showcase your business within the vibrant and innovative Community On Demand network

    • Build Partnerships

      Connect with other sponsors, learners, and businesses in our growing community, creating meaningful partnerships and

    • Boost Your Brand Presence

      Gain visibility among a diverse audience of learners and professionals passionate
      about education and creativity

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