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Young CEO Boot Camp

Young CEO Boot Camp

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Building stuff is cool.
Turning your invention into a business?
That’s next-level awesome!
Get ready to level up “the business side” of the Engineering Design Process!

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Get Ready To Level Up "The Business Side" of the Engineering Design Process

A Summer Leadership Expereince

Transform young minds into entrepreneurial leaders with the Young CEO Boot Camp, a dynamic summer learning experience designed for aspiring innovators. This one-day workshop teaches students how to turn their STEM/STEAM projects into real-world solutions.

Perfect for summer camps and young students (6th grade and up), this boot camp actively engages participants in each step of the Engineering Design Process, from ideation to execution while using interactive tools like the Community On Demand card game to help them apply these practical by making decisions, taking action and solving problems in real life.

Key Features:

1. Investigate
Use Socio-Economic Condition Cards to uncover assets and resources. Identify family, friends, and community members who can support the project.

2. Brainstorm
Employ The Stakeholder's Dilemma Worksheet to brainstorm innovative ideas and impact solutions that address the community's socio-economic conditions.

3. Plan
Determine the type of event or program using Innovation Program Cards. Assign tasks and plan resources.

4. Create
Utilize JEM Team/Innovation & Entrepreneurship Skill Cards to assign leadership roles and business operation functions.

5. Test
Conduct a dry run of the event using the Event Management Checklist to gather feedback and refine the project.

6. Evaluate
Review the Stakeholder's Dilemma and test results to measure success and identify improvements.

7. Frame
Present the final event outcomes using a comprehensive Business Plan Outline.

8. Iterate
Learn the importance of continuous improvement and how to plan for future iterations of the project.

Skills Development:

  • Entrepreneurship: Learn how to turn ideas into marketable products or services.
  • Leadership: Develop leadership and teamwork skills essential for business success.
  • Problem-Solving: Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Communication: Improve presentation and communication skills through interactive sessions and final presentations.

Available both online and in-person (by request), this 90-minute workshop is priced at just $50 per student, making it accessible and convenient for various learning environments.

Why It Matters:
Understanding the business side of the Engineering Design Process is crucial because creating an innovative product, service, or solution automatically makes you an entrepreneur. This boot camp equips young minds with the skills needed to impress potential enrollees, employers, partners, or investors, demonstrating their ability to turn ideas into impactful real-world solutions.

Enroll Now:
Each participant receives a FREE Community On Demand card deck, providing ongoing learning and development opportunities even after the workshop ends.

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Proceeds benefit young innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs participating in The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program

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