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Leadership Development Pathway

All courses listed below can be taken individually and will count towards your SIP Certification. Choose which pathway is right for you. Certificates of Completion will be awarded when a course or activity is completed.

  • Mentor Membership

    Become a Leadership Development Coach of The STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the life readiness skills of Community On Demand™ program participants within your Local Community Network (LCN).

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  • Intro To The Creative Economy

    Mentor Membership included

    Learn how developing a strategist mindset, understanding different critical thinking approaches, and calculating the value of your skillset helps build and sustain the Community On Demand™ creative economy.

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  • VIP Discovery Workshop

    Intro To The Creative Economy included

    Learn how Community On Demand™ closes the communication gaps between the education and business communities by making the connection between Career, Technical & Agricultural Education (CTAE) Curriculum and STEAM Career Clusters (i.e., U.S. industries) in the real world.

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  • JEM Team Management 101

    VIP Discovery Workshop included

    Learn how to use the Community On Demand™ card deck, design challenges, and creative economy to develop meaningful project-based learning experiences that help your Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team create products, services, innovative ideas and impact solutions that benefit your community.

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  • SIP Instructors Certification

    JEM Team Management 101 included

    Learn how to create innovative learning ecosystems that acknowledge various mindsets, leverage existing local resources, and produce high quality, effective outputs that optimize outcomes.

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