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Arts, Audio/Visual Technologies & Communications eGift Card

Arts, Audio/Visual Technologies & Communications eGift Card

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Invest in this egift card to provide learners with opportunities to explore careers in visual and performing arts, design, journalism, and publishing multimedia content.

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    Triple Your Impact with a
    $40 STEAM Education eGift Card Sponsorship

    Proceeds benefit The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program

    Sponsoring a $40 eGift card takes your impact even further. You're not just supporting education and projects, you're contributing to the growth of our creative economy and providing students with the means to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

    How Your Sponsorship Works

    • Reward Learners

      (That's $12.00!)

      of your sponsorship goes directly to the Student Stipend Fund to
      provide deserving learners with financial support

    • Fund Projects

      (That's $16.00!)

      of your sponsorship fuels the Impact Project fund, ensuring students have the materials and resources they need to turn their creative ideas into reality.

    • Invest To Sustain

      (That's $12.00!)

      of your sponsorship goes to our CoD Network Fund to sustain the growth of our creative economy and empower students to transform their impact solutions into small business ventures.

    But Wait . . . There's More!

    For every $40 eGift card sponsored, you earn 1.32 community shares.

    These shares not only reflect your commitment to education but also unlock marketing opportunities within our dynamic Community On Demand™ creative economy.

    • Market Your Business

      Leverage community shares to showcase your business within the vibrant and innovative Community On Demand network

    • Build Partnerships

      Connect with other sponsors, learners, and businesses in our growing community, creating meaningful partnerships and

    • Boost Your Brand Presence

      Gain visibility among a diverse audience of learners and professionals passionate
      about education and creativity

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