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STEAM Education eGift Card & Holiday Toy Drive

STEAM Education eGift Card & Holiday Toy Drive

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December 1 - May 30


Metro Atlanta with a special focus on Clayton, Douglas, Fairburn, Fulton, and Henry Counties

About Fresh Bites

Rooted in experiential learning, the Fresh Bites Greenhouse Pantry Service Learning Project is a hands-on initiative that cultivates a deeper understanding of the environmental benefits of agribusiness. Through experiential learning activities, we use urban farming, urban gardening, food distribution and greenhouse management to instill the importance of teamwork, community engagement, and leadership skills using the Community On Demand™ card game.  Community On Demand™ is a dynamic educational tool that enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and decision-making skills while strengthening life readiness skills for college, career, business, and community reinvestment.

Why Your Support Matters:

  1. Empowering the Next Generation: Your sponsorship will contribute to empowering the next generation with essential life skills, setting them on a path for success.
  2. Addressing Food Insecurity: By supporting the Fresh Bites Greenhouse Pantry Service-Learning Program, your contribution directly addresses food insecurity issues in our community.
  3. Community Building: Your involvement demonstrates a commitment to community building, where each student has the opportunity to thrive and contribute positively.

How to Sponsor:

To make your sponsorship contribution, please choose an option above or visit our STEAM Education egift card sponsorship page. Every donation, no matter the size, brings us one step closer to achieving our fundraising goal and making a lasting impact on the lives of these young students.

  • Register Your Team

    Register to form a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team and join our network of student-managed urban, school and community gardens, farms, greenhouses, Farm to School programs and other agribusiness ventures.

    Learn more 
  • Become A Volunteer Coordinator

    Join our Community Connections Volunteer Program where we meet every 1st and 3rd Saturday monthly to get hands-on experience working with real urban farmers and growers within our food hub and agritourism network.

  • Make A Donation

    Triple your impact! Turn your cash donation into an investment in STEAM education by sponsoring a STEAM Education eGift card. Over 65 skill-based egift cards to choose from!

    Become A Sponsor 

Become A Fresh Bites Sponsor

Have fun with your philanthropy! Match your giving style to one or more of our giving themes.

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