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Intro To The Community On Demand™ Creative Economy

Intro To The Community On Demand™ Creative Economy

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Intro To The Community On Demand™ Creative Economy

SIP Certification Course Series

Grounded in the diversity of the community's population and culture, the Community On Demand™ creative economy embraces change and reflects the evolving role innovation, health and wellness plays in shaping the wealth of a community.

What You Will Learn

This course uses three key focus areas to show you how to convert your STEAM Investigative Process strategies and impact solutions into service-learning projects, business ventures and career plans.

  • Collaboration and Self-reliance: Enhancing the capacity of individual creatives, and creative businesses and nonprofits, to prosper with better tools, new approaches and partnerships through economic development, cultural tourism, marketing and audience engagement, leadership development, and advocacy.
  • Sustainability and Resources: Strengthening the cultural ecosystem to better reflect and support a unified creative sector through restructuring, financing, spaces and places, policy, and success measures.
  • Inclusion and Celebration: Strengthening connections among people and communities through cultural expressions, festivals, cultural participation, arts education, public art and design. 

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Proceeds benefit young innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs participating in The NEXT Steps Youth Entrepreneur Program

You’re not alone!

If you don’t have someone you feel like you can contact about your mental health, that doesn’t mean you’re alone. Remember that counselors are available 24/7 at the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

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