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ORIENTATION | Community On Demand AgVentures Summer Games

ORIENTATION | Community On Demand AgVentures Summer Games

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Orientation, April 13 - May 25
Summer Session: June 6 - July 2 (Pilot)


Online: U.S.


What are the Community On Demand AgVenture Games?

The Community On Demand AgVenture Games are interactive challenges designed to engage participants in fun and educational activities related to agriculture, entrepreneurship, and community development.

How do I participate in the AgVenture Games?

Participation in the AgVenture Games is open to anyone interested. Simply sign up on the Community On Demand platform. An email will be sent with instructions on how to gain access to the weekly challenges so you can start competing.

What types of challenges can I expect in the AgVenture Games?

Challenges in the AgVenture Games cover a wide range of topics that involve locating resources, building a team, creating a crowdfunding campaign, marketing your products and services and even hosting a Farm To Fork event!

Are there prizes or rewards for participating in the AgVenture Games?

Yes, participants can earn rewards such as STEAM Education eGift cards, community recognition, and opportunities to showcase their achievements.

How often are new Money Guide challenges released in the AgVenture Games?

New Money Guide challenges are released every Monday morning to provide participants with ongoing opportunities to test their skills and knowledge.

How do I access the weekly challenges from The Money Guide?

The weekly challenges from The Money Guide can be accessed through the Community On Demand platform or other designated channels.

What topics are covered in the weekly challenges?

The weekly challenges cover lessons taught through The Money Guide for Young Entrepreneurs Activity Workbook. Each lesson covers various aspects of financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and wealth-building strategies that address the needs and socio-economic conditions of each participant and their community.

Can I participate in The Money Guide challenges if I'm not a member of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce or Community On Demand creative economy community?

Great news! If you a student, your registration in the AgVenture Games come with a free 1 Year membership in the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce or a discount of 10% off the membership fee.

How do I join my local contributor network?

To join the local contributor network, simply become a member of the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce. so you can form or join a Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team in your local area.

What are the benefits of being part of the local contributor network?

Being part of the local contributor network provides opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community building within specific geographic regions.

How can I earn STEAM Education eGift cards?

STEAM Education eGift cards are crowdfunding and marketing tools that are used to raise funds and create awareness about your skills and achievements as you complete each Money Guide challenge.

Share them through your social media accounts to get them sponsored so funds can come directly to you.

What can I use STEAM Education eGift cards for?

Funds generated from STEAM Education eGift cards are divided into three allocations:

30% - Student Stipends (is used to pay yourself and can be spent any way you need to)

40% - Impact Project Fund (is used as your budget to help you complete your project)

30% - Community Share Fund (goes to the fund we use to market and coordinate Farm To Fork events)

How are Farm To Fork events organized?

Farm To Fork events are organized through collaboration with local food networks, producers, chefs, startups, local small businesses and community organizations to showcase how the products, services, innovative ideas and impact solutions of individuals in the community can be used to support locally grown food producers, connect startups with local investors, provide access to nutritious and affordable food, and create meaningful conversations and community engagement activities.

What is the purpose of Farm To Fork events?

The original purpose of Farm To Fork events is to raise awareness about the importance of supporting local farmers and producers that drive local food systems and provide opportunities for community members to connect with their food sources. However, Farm To Fork events have become the way for us to take innovators through the new business development process and the fastest way to get their products into the hands of customers.

How can I get involved in organizing or participating in Farm To Fork events?

STE1. Join the STEM Direct Youth Chamber of Commerce

STEP 2. Form a Local Contributor Network or Junior Executive Management (JEM) Team

STEP 3. Complete SIP Certification Training

STEP 4. Create, host and/or participate in AgVenture Games, Farm To Fork events and STEAM Education eGift card crowdfunding campaigns that specifically support startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs that are creating products, services, and solutions that address challenges in your community.

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